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The Makatary Engine
Allow us to save you a little "light" reading...

Getting your information closer to the top of the global search engines is practically out of reach for most "carbon based" webmasters. It is no longer a simple task of writing keyword descriptions and hoping for the best.

Makatary software is designed to write hundreds of pages of code like an expert programmer. Real Search Engine Optimization written into each and every one of them. To prove the point, I would willing to bet you found our Makatary customer at the top of a search engine list.

Having written a search engine of our own ( as an integral part of your Makatary software ) we understand the language of these "pattern matching monsters". This technical knowledge has been written into every Powered by Makatary site and your Makatary generated code is designed to "shake hands" with the global search engines.

Follow these three simple rules with your Makatary software, and you will do well with search engines:

    Rule #1: Tell your story with images. Lots and lots of images !

    Rule #2: Use " real words ", relevant to the images you post.

    Rule #3: Keep things fresh and up to date.

Here is a real example of Real Search Engine Optimization that you can test for yourself:

"Art" is one of the most frequently searched terms on the Internet. Right up there with the word "Free". To prove our point, open a new browser window into your favorite search engine (click here if you like ), and type the following words: Post Art Free

Can be found somewhere close to the top ?
Real Search Engine Optimization
Real Search Engine Optimization

Real Search Engine Optimization
" Number One out of Three Billion with a B Baby!
This is not magic. No smoke. No mirrors. You Are Looking At Real Search Engine Optimization !

Real Search Engine Optimization
-Mark   (a.k.a. Dear Marcos )   |   Art Studio 54

Real Search Engine Optimization
Adaptable Marketing SoftwareUser Adaptable | User Adjustable

Real Search Engine Optimization | User Adaptable, User Adjustable Marketing Software For Internet Business

Makatary software is adaptable to any business or interest. Fundamental to this capability is the way your program allows you to make custom adjustments to your data handling forms "on the fly". Makatarys' use of Artificial Intelligence gives each user the ability to control an expert software programmer. This approach to custom control is quite new --and unique to Makatary Software!   Learn More . . .

Private Intuitive Search EnginePrivate Intuitive Search Engine

Makatary's sites are visually pleasing and easy to navigate. Should you require, A private search engine can be integrated into your own site for no additional costs. You merely need to type in part of a word for our search engine to locate the item(s).

Our Unique System also includes the use of internal search keys. When you post an item, A single word entered into the search key field will generate a " Find Related Items " button. These Two Systems Combined Will Automatacally Optimize Your Internet Site For The Popular Global Search Engines.

Replicate Your BusinessReplicate Your Business On The Internet

Every sellable item posted to your site becomes part of a complex Real Search Engine Optimization system. The Makatary Automated Shopping Cart spontaneously adjusts for any changes made to an item in your inventory, such as price changes, non priced items, shipping and handling charges, and anything out of stock.

Items loaded into your customers shopping carts reflect these changes in real time! This is an invaluable asset for companies with time sensitive pricing policies.

Remote Marketing SoftwareFree To Do Your Business From Anywhere

The Freedom to do business anywhere an Internet connection is available is a fantastic advantage. It allows you to travel and upload your inventory, images, and information --from anywhere at any time !

The Makatary System is 100% Internet based. Nothing To Install. No longer will you be "held hostage" to a central office. Enjoy your freedom! iPhone Access Available On Request.

Retail Marketing SoftwareConnect Wholesale and Retail Markets

Using The Makatary Network Exchange feature allows you to find what your retail customers are looking for by sharing inventory with other network members.

If you have a lot of inventory, The Makatary Network Exchange will help you move it. If you have a little inventory, The Makatary Network Exchange will provide more items for you to show and sell to your customers.

The ability to show an individual customer exactly what they are looking for, combined with the unique ability to instantly create a personalized "showcase" environment, is a feature only found within The Makatary Network --and nowhere else!

Auction SoftwareAuction Software | Your Own Private Auction

No Complicated Programs To Learn. Nothing To Install. Our Intuitive Auction Software Facilitates The Creation Of Your Own Private Auctions From Any Computer In The World. Answer A Series Of Questions Relevant To Your Specific Auction; (opening bid, lowest acceptable bid, set a reserve, etc...). Your Private, Public, Or Charity Auction Can Go Live In Less Than A Minute !

Makatarys' Auction Software also makes certain that the highest bidder is given the opportunity to actually win the bid! It is not possible for anyone to snipe (steal) the top bid at the last second of a Makatary Auction. Any bids accepted in the final moments of our auction will merely reset the clock. The auction will continue into overtime until the final bid has been placed --and the person willing to place the highest bid will never be left frustrated and empty handed.   Learn More . . .

Real Search Engine Optimization
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Auction By Owner Software

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